Sneak protein into your morning smoothie, get an even creamier guacamole or take cornbread to the next level—all with the delicious power of cottage cheese. Give some of our favorite swaps a try! Before you know it, you’ll be slipping a spoonful into every recipe.

Add It


Add 1/4–1/2 cup of KNUDSEN Cottage Cheese into your smoothie to get a post-workout protein kick. Protein helps your muscles recover from whatever you put them through at the gym. Plus, a half-cup of cottage cheese has about a third of your recommended daily protein..


Add some cottage cheese into your fave guacamole recipe for extra creaminess. How much? Use about 1⁄3 cup per avocado. Try tossing it into a food processor first, blending it smooth and then adding in the avocado chunks to make sure they’re evenly mixed.



Swap cottage cheese for oil when making cornbread. You cut down on fat and make your cornbread extra moist. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try adding other ingredients to amp up the flavor, like blueberries, honey or whole corn kernels.


Make your first bite of the day a smart one: use cottage cheese instead of milk in classic buttermilk pancakes. Blend it first to get a smooth texture, and then mix it into the batter. Your pancakes will be extra fluffy and packed with morning protein. Skip butter and use jam or fresh fruit to turn the healthy up another notch.


Want a lighter addition to your salad, tacos or lasagna? Cottage cheese makes a perfect substitute for cheeses like ricotta or feta. More protein, less fat—what more could you ask for?

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